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Trading Platform

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Trading Engine

Our platform offers deep liquidity and minimal slippage, exceeding traditional offerings of top CEX. With our synthetic asset design powered by Pyth, you can now trade a variety of asset classes beyond cryptocurrencies, including stocks, indexes, and forex. 

Experience self-custody trading like never before with Narwhal - no deposit necessary until you open a position!

Social Trading

Invest like a pro without the hassle of complex settings or parameters. Our gamified copy trading platform allows you to effortlessly follow top-tier traders,  just invest and enjoy the same returns. 

With a variety of flexible strategie and features to choose from, there's a vault and playground for every user. Get access to the knowledge of top-tier traders and unlock countless possibilities that you might have missed!


Unlock your trading potential with Narwhal, your gateway to the latest news and data. Our platform fosters social engagement and offers a wealth of resources for active traders seeking more in-depth trading discussions.

Connect with a vibrant community of traders and thought leaders who share valuable insights to help you grow. Battle it out with friends through our Battle Trading feature.



The Narwhal vault is composed of stablecoins only. LPs can profit from #RealYield like traders P&L & fees without having to bear the risk from token volatility!